A Small Bang

How a 30 Billion Deal goes up in smoke

In 2013 a guerrilla was started in Mozambique (Renamo uprising)
In September of the same year a Mozambique bank (Millennium BIM) ordered 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate for a Mozambique arms factory

The ship that was supposed to bring it from Georgia could not pay the Suez Canal price and therefore had to stop in Lebanon, where it sank, not before the expensive cargo was brought ashore

The bank that did all of this is the largest - partly state-owned - bank in Mozambique
But 69% owned by the largest Portuguese bank
This in turn belongs to 17% of the Spanish sabadell bank from Spain and another 17% to an Angolan oil entrepreneur - sonangol
These are, among other things, suspected of having plucked up to 25 billion dollars from the Angolan government coffers

In Mozambique there is something else besides civil war


And guess twice when the oil was finally found!

Just before the revolution started in 2013

Incidentally, Mozambique promised almost exactly 30 billion profit from this oil by 2035

Interesting that the bank behind it disappeared around 30 billion in Angola

The ship that supposedly had the chemicals on board, arrived n Beirut in 2014 and never left

But the ship it officially unregistered since 2009: P

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Beirut_explosions (there you mention the MV Rhosus ship)

https://www.vesseltracker.com/en/Ships/M-V-Rhosus-8630339.html?show=details and here you say the ship has been out of traffic since 2009 ...: DDD

We remember this Ship as the Rhodus, from the Beirut Explosion in early 2020.