The Great Opportunity

SARS-CoV-2 - a hoax, an accident or a well elaborated plan?

In this article we analyse the raise of SARS-CoV-2, a novel Corona Virus that struck the World in early 2020. We look at events that show how this new "Crisis" was made, nurtured and taken advantage of by Corporations and Individuals around the globe, without getting lost in Conspiracy Theories, by looking at the facts, without making unnecessary conclusions that lack proof.

SARS-CoV-2 made its first appearance in late 2019, and became widely known as COVID-19 in early-mid 2020. This article will walk through the timeline of COVID-19's history, analsying and exposing some facts of which some are widely known, others less.

Especially US-Americans will remember the "Opioid Epidemic", starting in the 90's. By (falsely) advertising safety of Opioid based Medications, Pharmaceutical Corporations brought several Opioid based Drugs on the market, which lead to a massive outburst in Opioid Overdoses, an explosion of the number of Opioid Addicts and finally lead to a Declaration of Public Health Emergency in the USA in late 2017.

Corporations involved in the production, distribution and general business of these Opioid based Drugs made billions in revenue during this time. This is nothing new, the Pharma Business is one of the most lucrative worldwide, and we are not here to analyse this fact. We start our story with this Crisis because it took the Governement and its Institutions almost 20 years to admit the "issue", and take action by declaring a Public Health Emergency.

Public Health Emergencies are an instrument that allows the Governement to take coordinated actions in order to resolve the Emergency, which can range from new laws, funding grants for recovery or public allieviation programs, and more.

While for almost 20 years several big players in the Pharma business (from well known producers up to resellers like Walmart) uncontrolledly flooded the (american) market with Opioids, starting 2017 a series of private and governamental lawsuits (while not stopping the business with opioids) forced several of these corporations to settle for millions, sometimes billions of dollars. At least one of the most famous producers and advertisers of these Opioid based Drugs, Purdue Pharma (the makers of OxyContin) had to announce bancrupcy.
Others had to re-label their Drugs, sometimes even reformulate it, and the FDA issued warnings for several (new) versions of the drugs.

An era was coming to an end, the business of legally prescribed, addictive Drugs just became a lot harder, if not unprofitable.

By this time, nearly one million americans had died from drug overdose. By the end of this era, in 2019, around 275 people died daily due to drug overdose. Nearly half of those were Opioid related overdoses (opioid based medications, not drugs like heroin).

It is interesting enough, that with the sunset of this multi-billion business, which strived on the need of pain relief, the next big pharmaceutical challenge offered itself for another golden era: vaccines.
An opportunity where not pain, but fear of death or sickness is the motor.
Customers are not individuals in pain, but whole Governements and Unions. Not only a "few" people, the entire population of the planet earth is at risk, and thus a potential customer. As it stands meanwhile at the end of 2021, it is not even required to have symptoms of any (perhaps curable) issue or disease - the product these Pharma giants produce is meanwhile prescribed by law (or planned to be) in severl Countries. Yes, this new goldwell is the vaccine against COVID-19, as you probably guessed.

Now, let's not fall down the rabbit hole of unfunded assumptions, there's absolutely no proof whatsoever that COVID-19 has been planted, planned or enacted by Pharma Corporations, neither there's any proof that they would need such devastating disease to improve their revenues. Painkillers are still required, and even if all governements of the world would forbid any usage of additctive Drugs, the Pharmaceutical Industry is resourceful, and would/does find other areas to make profits, without inventing a whole new Virus strain.

In this article we do not presume evil conspirators in bed with deviant governements - on the opposite. We assume the best intentions in any human, and corporation. It is simply a fact that the same players who took advantage of human pain by selling an addictive drug, also are amongst the players who now sell a medicine against the latest, and much more devastating threat to humanity than pain: COVID-19.

The purpose of starting this article at the sunset of the easy-business of Opioid based drugs is to show how the same people who meanwhile settled in court for the selling of actual dangerous drugs while advertising them as non-dangerous, now provide humanity with the next "non-dangerous" drug, which again is a source for billions of dollars of profit, and this time, these corporations did not even need an FDA approval. There are no risks of addiction, and members of society who do not want to take the drug can be forced to take it, or at least fined, in many countries already, while others "just" restrict social freedoms of these people who get labeled as "antivaxxers", and ultimately are blamed for the COVID-19 spread. Even if there is literally no scientific proof that a vaccined person does not spread the virus, and unvaccinated persons are not the cause for the virus to spread, this is exactly what the public opinion is currently enforcing.

Let's remember that for the first time since World War Two, the average age expectation in the USA has been dicreasing due to deaths tightly related to prescribed opioids (Like OxyContin). The same Corporations who are directly responsible for almost half a million americans, is now selling their latest wonder drug to the entire humanity. And the folks who do not want to take (or cannot take) this vaccine are meanwhile considered antisocial, perhaps very soon even criminal.

Now that we know where we stand at the end of 2019, we can move on to look at what happened next.
SARS-CoV-2 was officially isolated the first time by the Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology on 5h January 2020 or earlier (sources differ, see WHO, WHO NCBI). The international community had access to the genome no earlier than January 12th 2020.
Nobody, especially not the WHO, believes in any pandemic at this point in time.
On 23 January 2020, 18 million people are set under quarantine in Wuhan, China.
Only by January 30, the Director-General of the WHO declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC), WHO's highest level of alarm.

On January 23 (7 days before WHO declares an emergency, the same day that China put 18 million people under quarantine), Moderna announces it received a Funding Award from CEPI to Accelerate Development of Messenger RNA (mRNA) Vaccine Against Novel Coronavirus from the CEPI organisation.
The CEPI orgnaisation decided that on the same day, but they already knew 5 days before on the 17th that this would happen, as their board meeting report discloses.
The cryptical term MUSD5 is used, this means Million US Dollar 5, in other words, 5 Million US Dollar were awarded. Not only to Moderna, but we will focus on this corporation only, at the moment.
In an announcement made February 10, 2020, Moderna stated:

On January 13, the NIH and Moderna’s infectious disease research team finalized the sequence for the 2019-nCoV vaccine and Moderna mobilized toward clinical manufacture. The first clinical batch, including fill and finishing of vials, was completed on February 7. This mRNA vaccine was designed and manufactured in 25 days and is undergoing analytical testing prior to release to the NIH for use in their planned Phase 1 clinical trial in the U.S. Currently, there are no approved vaccines specific to 2019-nCoV.

Let's step back a moment and reflect on this time line and the facts we know so far.

  • Around January the 5th, SARS-CoV-2, by that time also known as nCOV, is first isolated in China
  • No earlier than January 12th, the genome is first made available to the global community
  • Just one day later, January 13th, a corporation named Moderna already was able to finalise the sequence for the novel virus vaccine
  • Despite the already finalised sequence of the new vaccine, an Award is granted to the (and other) Corporation by a privately financed organisation (CEPI) with the goal to accelerate the Development of said vaccine
  • It takes over 2 weeks more, in order for WHO to even announce a global health emergency

Either the wonders of modern pharma are truly wonders, or this shit stinks, literally. While theoretically possible, it is practically almost impossible for a vaccine to be sequenced the same day as the genome of the disease it should cure is first made public, and thus accessible by Corporations like Moderna
Indeed, Moderna was chosen because the corporation already had experience with mRNA vaccines and as well was/is working on similar vaccines, against other viruses (however only tests and research, no actual selling products).
Let's assume this is all just a fortunate coincidence.

Within one month, on Februry 11, just one day after Moderna announced mRNA-1273 (the anti-COVID-19 vaccine Codename) the physical manufacturing of a first batch complete, and plans regarding regulatory submission and clinical testing, the corporation Announces Pricing of Public Offering of Shares of Common Stock.
Commonly known as an IPO (Initial Public Offering), and organisation does not need to make obligatory interest payments to investors and instead can make discretionary dividend payments when it has extra cash. Issuing common stock can also help attract more investors for a public company, or even improve the company's credit rating.
It also needs to start filing with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and adhere to their rules, which is a "good thing", since it forces the organisation to make almost every decision and event of itself public.
It is partly the reason why abpve information is even publicly accessible. The keypoint here however is, that after sequencing an "antivirus" within a day, getting award fundings, and announcing plans to clinically try the new vaccine, the corporation can now be invested in. The doors are open for the public to start investing in the Company, which translates into money, huge amounts of money, based on stock fluctuations that (as is widely known) are often influenced by speculations. It is not a surprise that the Moderna Stock (NASDAQ: MRNA) is now 14 times higher than it was in January 2020. In other words, it increased by 1430%. If you invested just 100K USD back in January 2020, now that would be almost one and a half million USD.

It is just two weeks later, February the 24th 2020, that Moderna officially starts Phase 1 of Clinical Tests for mRNA-1273.

One of the first countries globally to take this new threat "serious" was Vietnam, initiating a nationwide lockdown and closing its borders for international, non-essential travel in early March 2020. The World, amongst which the WHO, is outraged, and does not endorse this decision. The WHO even issues a statement, that nationwide lockdowns and border closures will "hurt the economy" and "not avoid the Virus from spreading" earlier that year, official documentation by the WHO can be consulted here
Let's again step back a moment and reflect on these facts.

  • A novel virus is discovered and its genome isolated and shred with the global community
  • The very same day a corporation is able to sequence an anti-virus
  • Within a month it enters clinical trials of the new vaccine and initialisese its IPO
  • At the same time, and for considerable months to come, the WHO seems to be doing everything it can to stop countries from stopping the Virus' spread.
It is interesting, but of course not proving anything, that the WHO itself seems to be more concerned about financials, than health.
Perhaps this is connected with the fact that by then, a vaccine would not have been accepted as a necessary step, since there were basically no cases of COVID (relatively speaking). The real explosion of cases only happened later, after the WHO successfully lobbbied against locking down the world for a period of time.
The virus spread almost uncontrolled and unstopped ... and really exploded by the end of 2020. As we will see later, this explosion is tightly connected with the first vaccine batches being rolled out to the public. No, the vaccine does (as far we can research) not provoke COVID. It is made to heal it. Yet, as we will see later, it is probably the cause for the massive surge in cases we saw in late 2020 and early 2021.
A proper reaction, locking down travel and instantiating lockdowns, was later adopted by almost all governements and has proven to be the only real successful approach to contain the Virus' spread, along with common sense hygiene standards.

Let's proceed in the timeline if what will soon be known as one of the biggest change-makers worldwide, by some labeled the instrument by which the "elite" will or does subordinate the "masses", a d by others labeled as "a public health threat" which needs to be resolved, at all costs.
May 12 2020, Moderna announces that phase 1 of the clinical trials of mRNA-1273 is (successfully) terminated. Just 3 days later, on May 15, Operation Warp Speed is created, as a "federal effort that supported multiple COVID-19 vaccine candidates to speed up development."
6 Corporations receive over the time 20 Billion US Dollar in order to produce a Vaccine against COVId-19. A vaccine, as we know meanwhile, which had been sequenced already the very same day as the diseases's genome was publicly shared. Over 5 Billions go to Moderna alone. That is a 5 with 9 zeros: 5'000'000'000 USD for one corporation alone. A corporation that just had its IPO, allowing for public to invest. It does probably not surprised the reader to see that Operation Warp Speed was partially state funded, and its first Head was no other than Moncef Slaoui.
If you don't know who Moncef Slaoui is, you are not alone. Just before he became Head of Operation Warp Speed (OWS), he was member of the board of directors of Moderna.
We will leave this fact here as it is, without sharing our opinion on it, other than stating that this pattern is not new (it is known as the "Revolving Door").
We also will not comment our opinion on Slaoui's stocks held in other OWS-beneficiaries such as GlaxoSmithKline, and unsurprisingly, stockholdings in Moderna.

[To be proceeded]