The Great Reset

How Conspiracies are made, or not

How do conspiracy theories even come about? One of them says, for example, that the WEF wants to create a new world order, where all people are chipped and injected, and so on
Well ... why does someone even come up with an idea like that?

Oh well.
Some of the reasons could be that the WEF is too stupid and their last big plan to save humanity is called "The Great Reset". That somehow screams for "conspiracy"! Couldn't these experts come up with a better, less provocative name?
The Great Reset is a plan to make the environment, people and our future better and more sustainable. It wants to introduce the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" and "StakeHolder Capitalism" instead of "Shareholder Capitalism", and sees the COVID crisis as the best chance to start, because everything is now "in the shit" and has to start again, and because this crisis showed that systems can change if they have to.

The plan should make it possible that everyone has human rights, that everyone is fine, our environment is saved ... everything sounds great!

The partners that the WEF calls who will make it all possible and are "the driving force behind the plan" (literally quoted), but are not the WWF, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, governments and voksveresammlungen.

No, the partners are called ... BlackRock (hahaha), Meta (new! Name of Facebook), Google (information), Moderna (we know them), Morgan Stanley (bank), Ali Baba (consumer goods), Amazon ( Consumer goods), PayPal (money), Western Union (money), Airbus and Boeing (planes and weapons), Dassault System (weapons), Lockheed Martin (weapons), Apple (haha) and so on and so on
(see and

So, ... I understand how it happens that conspiracy theories arise!
What has a weapons manufacturer lost at a forum that is supposed to make the environment and people go into a sustainable future ???
What has a company that produces Facebook or iPhones lost?

It's kind of lazy.
It is therefore not surprising that theories emerge, they are then fed and disseminated (through facebook, for example!), And that is "good" because it occupies people and moves them away from the real thing! Not only that, but you can then say afterwards "these conspiracy theories are all seich, and therefore everything that comes with them is seich"

If someone comes up and says, "Something is really very fishy, take a look!", He is ... a conspiracy theorist.
Not that this should justify believing in conspiracy theories!
I don't mean that, but what really happens is that you no longer have a chance to say anything at all, that opens up the possibility that there is only a causal and not an intentional "conspiracy".

Causal means here "opportunistic" versus "agreed"
So, the packaging company Freund did not call his friend who produces medis to start a Covid with the chinese bat to sell his product, but the other way around:
An opportunity arose (COVID). In another situation, that would have passed us by like a flu wave.
But you saw the potential and just needed something to make money and move an agenda
It came ... "convenient"
They made sure to create a panic atmosphere, only then did the friend call the other friend, and only because he knew that the stop happened to be in the medis business.
The Great Opportunity, not "The Great Conspiracy", is more of a realistic case.

As you say ... the system was built for that. But that also means there is intent behind it.
Intention is the opposite of causality.
That would mean that there is an agreed "conspiracy" after all!
That exploits causality, but the problems and solutions are not 100% unintentional.
You do not make the covid as such, and probably nobody wants to make everyone authistic with the vaccination 🙄 - but you do what makes it possible to profit from it (panic, for example), no matter how.

So it is likely to be both. Causality creates opportunities, and shrewd and trained individuals know this and know how to use and control such opportunities.
This is some form of conspiracy, or planned action.
Which starts opportunistically and builds on causality, but is controlled, exaggerated and maintained until the opportunity is exhausted. And because causality never ends, the flow of opportunity never ends either.

But how did the system come about that makes it possible to take advantage of these opportunities? Causal or Planned? Or a mix of them?
Is there someone behind it in a defined manner or is it simply a random-based chain reaction d

ou can't stop at all?
If you believe something has been created, there is a goal, a path and a "shareholder". So a plan. But for this you also need an "agreement" (another word for conspiracy) between the "shareholders". And that is logistically almost impossible (a secret is not a secret if more than one person knows it)